Aizu Misato Town Image Character「Aizu Jigen」

In March 2011, the image character “Aizu Jigen” was born in Aizu Misato Town! Immediately after his birth, the town was hit by the Great East Japan Earthquake.
Today, he is working energetically to restore the damaged hometown, just like a little monk!

Character Overview

The character is a graphic representation of an “egg,” inspired by the creation of the town of Aizu Misato. The figure of something coming out of the egg symbolizes the excitement, hope, and expectation that a bud will emerge in the fifth year of the new town and grow for several more years to come.

The black silhouette around the eye represents the shape (boundaries) of Aizu Misato Town itself. This pattern, which is rarely seen in other municipalities, will be effective and differentiated in external PR. It also has an image of Daruma or a rising priest, which are familiar to Japanese people, and is a simple yet distinctive form that can be easily developed into merchandise.

Character Name

This character is characterized by its eyes. The posthumous name of the great priest Tenkai, who is said to have been born in Aizu Misato-cho, is Jigen Daishi. I wanted to honor his eyes (meaning eyes that see the world with a heart of mercy). Considering such a meaning and the ease of understanding from the outside, we named the character “Aizu Jigen”.

Character Usage

For use of the “Aizu Jigen” character, please contact us at the contact information below.

Contact information 一Aizu Misato Town Tourist Association General Incorporated Association
TEL / FAX TEL:0242-56-4882
/ FAX:0242-56-4876